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Shimmering Stone, Cubic Zirconia, Tear, Pendant - Larus | Collier en argent avec zircon solitaire

Shimmering Stone Collection

Using the perfectly unique angle of the human chest this dazzling piece of jewellery plays with the rules of gravity in order to shine and shimmer.

Put it on a completely horizontal or completely vertical surface the stone will not move.  Its twinkle effect is the result of a gravity/angle formula incited by the subtle angle of the human form.

Our beautiful ‘Shimmering Stone’ pendants will enhance your natural beauty with their distinctive shine and shimmer effect.  Draw subtle attention to your face by trying our stunning ‘Shimmering Stone’ earrings that will captivate everyone around you.

If you’re looking for that perfect piece of jewelry to impress that special someone or to dazzle at an important event, you have found it here with the Shimmering Stone line of pendants and earrings that will complement any outfit and make you stand out in the most elegant of ways.



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